If you expect a security system or bars to protect your business, think again! Thieves can still enter your business after the alarm sounds and your window breaks. Statistics show that two-thirds of all break-ins occur through glass. ACE high-end safety window films serve as part of the overall glass protection system that in most cases discourage "smash and grabs."


Most people opted for alarms in their homes to protect against break and enter. But many people having installed an alarm in their homes now realize that they are still vulnerable to break-ins. An alarm system alone won't stop thieves from entering your home, but ACE security window laminates will. When applied to existing glass, the laminate forms a bond that acts as a transparent barrier.


Governments have had to face the reality of threats to national security in recent years. Our laminate has been installed on government buildings worldwide to protect against a variety of threats.


ACE/Security Laminates deter thieves from getting inside your vehicle through the glass, by taking away their primary weapon: speed and ease. While alarms and steering wheel locks are designed to help deter auto theft, they don't prevent the most frequent crime: theft of the vehicle's contents through glass.



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